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Property Branding

Branding for a Coastal Apartment development in Leighton Beach, Western Australia. Design deliverables included naming, primary and secondary logo, photography and image grading as well as promotional materials such as Property Brochure, Flyers and Outdoor Signage.

Clovis Vin Natural Banner.png

Wine Branding & Packaging

Branding, Packaging and Promotional design for natural wine producer,
Clovis Vin Natural.
Developed around the mythical and mysterious figure that is Clovis, aiming to showcase his notoriously divergent and undoubtedly artisanal craftsmanship. Clovis lives in opposition to the norm and this is ever-present in his deliciously unique natural wines.

Publication & App Design

Development and design of a publication and application based around the collection and culture of basketball sneakers.

Cover Art.png

ME Front Cover Final Mockup.png

Media Packaging

Media packaging and promotional material for artist Midnight Elevator’s debut album, These Three Months.


A collection of unused illustrations that came as a result of spare-time, wandering thoughts and a need to make something.